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"What is an argumentative essay?" is the first question that goes through students’ mind when faced with an argument essay assignment. An argument essay is a discussion paper in which the writer presents a claim with its pros and cons. The main objective of an argumentative essay is to assert the writers point of view concerning the topic and persuade readers to adopt the same point of view.

The essay aims at persuading individuals to change their strongly held beliefs. To write effective argument essays, the writer should incorporate certain elements. It is always advisable to take time identifying the best argument essays topics, and collecting supporting and opposing ideas and responses.

These elements should be organized in a simple but logical sequence. Among all academic assignments, writing persuasive argument essay has proven to be the most difficult. It is advisable to delegate this task to professional writers from online writing companies like

How to write an argument essay

An argumentative essay contains five main parts: thesis (main topic, idea, claim and proposition), background (context), supportive evidence, objections, responses and refutations. Identifying the right thesis is important for any persuasive argument essay to materialize. Writers should choose a topic that captures area of interest.

  • Topic- The argument essay topics the writer chooses should be simple and research material should be readily available. Complicated topics get students stuck along the way.
  • Background- Context should provide more details about thesis statement and the intended objective/goals. This area is very simple and may only take a paragraph.
  • Supportive evidence- The writer should give reasons to support the argument, which should develop logically. In some cases, one reason might lead to other (argument within and argument).
  • Opposing reasons- The writer should put him/herself in the position of those opposing and provide evidence to support this too. In addition, he/she should respond to these objections persuasively.
  • Responses-In this section the writer should provide answers to reasons and objections.

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Challenges students face

Challenges faced by students when writing argument essays are similar to those faced when writing research papers, dissertations, term papers and other academic papers. They include:

  1. Straying away from the main topic
  2. Wrong use of tenseswhy choose us
  3. Sentence construction
  4. Wrong use or failure to use the correct punctuation marks
  5. Incoherent sequencing of paragraphs and ideas
  6. Failure to answer the question what is an argumentative essay. This results to writing the essay   as a reaction paper or response paper.

To avoid making such grave mistakes students could contact help for professional assistance.

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