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Master’s thesis is an academic paper submitted in fulfilment of academic degree and it presents the writers in-depth research findingsand analysis. In other words, the purpose of writing master’s thesis is to prove that the author has contributed new knowledge, failure to which the author is deemed to have failed.

Master’s thesis is similar to dissertation and in some countries; it is submitted in support of bachelor’s degree and doctorate degree. Master’s thesis proposal organization is also similar to that of a research paper, dissertation or term paper; the only difference is in the complexity and originality.

Authors therefore must understand the graduate level for research before commencing their master’s thesis writing. In most cases, it takes months to write master’s thesis; time that most people lack. The good news is that with master’s thesis writing help from, writing quality document is possible.

How to Write Master’s Thesis

When conducting master’s thesis research, several questions can act as guidelines.

1) What is the question/topic about?  
2) Is it a viable question or has it been answered before?
3) Do you have adequate research material to answer the question?
4) Have you contributed to new knowledge?

If these questions are not answered adequately then it means the research does not offer solutions and that the author has failed to contribute to knowledge.

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For one to write master’s thesis, he/she must provide clear thesis statement. Only original worthwhile statement of questions can make the examiner thirst to read the rest of the document. The student should provide adequate literature to support the question. Reviewing the literature aims to prove that the question has not been tackled before either through research paper or dissertation for whatever graduate level.

It is advisable to spend considerable time deciding on the best master’s thesis topics. Students can look up various master’s thesis topics examples from online database. Designing winning master’s thesis proposal is not enough, as formatting is also required. Generally, writing master’s thesevaluationis is similarto writing dissertation. The skeleton should include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Literature review
  4. Research question( statement of problem)
  5. Methods and , materials used to solve the problem
  6. Conclusion( summary, recommendations/contributions

Challenges students face

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