A Career as an IRS Agent with Focus on White Collar Crime

A Career as an IRS Agent with Focus on White Collar Crime


An Internal Revenue Service investigator carries out essential undertakings such as the investigating of criminal violations of the U.S’ financial crimes and more so violations of the Internal Revenue Code. The main purpose of such undertaking is to deter violations of the tax law and hence foster confidence in the country’s tax system. As such, the IRS agent is the only federal agency representative that can legally investigate potential violations of the IR code. Moreover, it should be noted that a career as IRS agent focuses on the possibility of a white collar crime taking place and hence coming up with methodologies of how to prevent such crimes or convict the proprietors of such crimes. The IRS agent job comes with several requirements which ensure compatibility with it, and it comes with several benefits.

Specific Duties of IRS investigator White Collar Crime Division

Reportedly introduced in the year 1939, the collar crimes encompass crimes committed by government and business professionals. These are crimes which have a financial motive behind their committing. They are generally devoid of physical force or violence and encompass violations of trust, sophisticated deceit, concealment and illegal transfer of funds among other illegal activities. There are specific duties bestowed on IRS investigators in the investigation of white collar crime division. The main duty of IRS investigators is to produce factual evidence that can lead to a conviction in a federal court. As such, the duties include investigating understatement of income, fraudulent claims for exemptions or credits and overstatement of expenses. Additionally, IRS investigators use the Net Worth Method in investigating unreported taxable income while checking on the issue of a criminal tax investigation. Moreover, the agents use the Expenditures Method in the determination of unreported incomes. Essentially, the duties of IRS investigators revolve around gathering evidence on how individuals or corporation gather wealth and the possibility of such wealth having some aspects of illegalities. Also, the agents look into the possibility of individuals and corporations not paying their taxes as needed by the law and hence takes the necessary steps in situations whereby it is confirmed that there is a fraud being done.

A case that expostulates on the duties carried out by IRS investigators in the white collar crime division is that of Bernie Madoff. The Bernie Madoff investment scandal was an extensive stock and securities crime that was discovered in late 2008. During the same year, Mr. Bernie Madoff admitted that the wealth management division of his company; Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was a Ponzi scheme. The enterprise had been formed in 1960 and had been operated by Madoff’s family and close friends. Before the arrest in 2008, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission had carried out several investigations on Madoff’s business without uncovering the massive fraud that had been taking place for years. However, on December 10, 2008, his sons alerted the IRS that their father had confided to them that his business was one big lie. Consequently, an urgent investigation was launched and Madoff was arrested the following day. The following year on March, he pleaded guilty to the charges meted against him. Further investigations showed that his business had defrauded millions of investors’ large amounts of money to the tune of billions of dollars. The actual amount of money that was ascertained to have been lost to investors was $18 billion. Following the conclusion of the investigations and the conviction of Madoff, he was sentenced to the maximum jail term which was 150 years in a federal prison. As such, it can be shown that the IRS was instrumental in convicting one of the most notorious white-collar criminals and hence saving funds from a big number of the country’s citizens who had been deceived off their money for long without even suspecting it.

Benefits of Being an IRS agent

Working within the Internal Revenue Service as an investigator comes with a lot of benefits. One major benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that the one’s efforts benefit others. By ensuring that taxes are paid accordingly and ensuring that white-collar frauds are detected and stopped, IRS agents ensure that the country has funds for funding federal programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Additionally, working as an IRS agent comes with a lucrative compensation package. The average annual income for IRS agents was $91,507 as at March 2009. The agents also benefit from comprehensive fringe benefits packages which are available for full-time federal government employees such as life insurance and health insurance, tax-deferred investment, sick leave, paid vacation and retirement programs. To be more specific, the agents receive 401k match of 5%, ten-days government paid holidays, 13 sick days and an average of 4 weeks’ vacation per year. It is also possible for an agent to grow within the IRS fraternity up to senior management levels especially after proofing to be very competent.

The education requirement

A career as an IRS agent with a focus on white collar crime requires a person to be well educated. As such, it’s preferable that a job candidate possesses at least a college degree. Additionally, the candidate should have analytical skills, which aid in critically analyzing a situation and hence figuring out if fraud is taking place or not. Moreover, a candidate should possess computational skills due to the fact that contemporary white collar crimes have become very sophisticated with some crimes encompassing the use of the internet to perpetrate crimes remotely. As such, the IRS agent should possess the skills to be able to figure out crimes from different points of view.

The Aspects that Qualifies me for the Position

After a careful self-assessment, I think I qualify for the position of an IRS agent,  white collar crime department. First, I will have the needed educational qualifications very soon. As such, I will attain the minimum requirement to be considered for the career. Lastly, I possess computational skills which can assist in checking out whether given information adds up. Indeed, as noted, academic qualification and technical skills alone are not adequate in this field. Some of my traits complement the mentioned skills and qualification thus making me a perfect potential candidate for the job. For instance, am analytical since I tend to view issues from different perspectives and hence effectively to resolve a crisis. Moreover, I have strong intuition, which comes in handy when a person works as an investigator. Indeed, the best investigators have a strong intuition that makes them sense that there could be a crime being propagated after looking at given details. As such, I am a perfect potential for the carrier as an IRS agent, white collar crimes.