Admission Essay for Master of Science in Information Systems at Utah University

Admission Essay for Master of Science in Information Systems at Utah University

After examining my interests, ambition, and previous training, I have chosen the Master of Science in Information Systems program at Utah University. My goal is to acquire knowledge and experience that would allow me to contribute to the growth of my present organization and the IT sector at large. I have ways had an interest in IT even if I dropped my computer science degree at the undergraduate level for economics major. Taking part in too many extra-curricular activities led me into giving up on computer science, a decision I regret up to this day. However, with a career in payroll management that requires IT knowledge, I feel that this is the right opportunity to expand my knowledge in technology, and Master of Science in Information Systems at Utah University is the most suitable program.

I am choosing the University of Utah as my preferred institution for pursuing MSIS because it is a great institution based on my previous experience as an undergraduate. I believe that the program will equip me with significant practical and theoretical knowledge and update me on the current trends in the IT sector. I am confident that the MSIS knowledge will be useful to my current role as a payroll specialist and in the development of guidelines for employees who rely on these applications. Knowing that the University of Utah is the same technology-based and innovative institution where I graduated in 2019, I want to continue my adventure there.

After my postgraduate studies, my goal is to build a strong technical foundation. The program will help me to become an information technology leader who can handle business problems more effectively. The knowledge gained will assist me in gaining an insight into how businesses deal with issues. From my experience as a payroll specialist at Evans Grader and Paving Company, having a technical foundation capable of making sound decisions that would influence the functioning of the systems requires a master’s degree in information systems. After successful completion of the program, I aspire to have a deeper understanding of information systems and emerging technologies that can help me in managing large projects for large organizations. Further, based on my experiences in the workplace, I am convinced that due to the way Utah University’s MSIS program is packaged, it will be useful in terms of contributing to my success as an information systems expert.

One of the unique qualities that make me the ideal candidate for a master’s in information technology is that I am highly motivated, which allows me to deal with academic, work, and personal challenges more effectively. Besides, I am a flexible individual, a quality that enables me to adjust depending on situations. For example, I easily adapt to different learning styles and the various teaching methodologies applied by professors. Another quality that I cannot overlook is embracing diversity, which is important for strengthening variety, especially in a higher learning institution like Utah University. Being an American with a South Korea origin, for instance, I actively participated in Korea Students Association (KSA) that aimed at supporting the goals and the mission of Utah University.

I strongly believe that the MSIS program at the Eccles School is the right place for me for many reasons. The program is specially designed to provide students with the relevant skills to manage the technical aspects of businesses. The Eccles School of Business MSIS provides knowledge with a practical touch. I believe that the highly exceptional coursework, coupled with hands-on experience of the professors at the institution, will prepare me for leadership in the future in the rapidly-growing IT sector. As I studied my undergraduate program, there was a project called ”Capstone Project” that I used to admire, and I would love to be an active member when I get admitted to the program. Having secured a job as a payroll expert with my undergraduate degree, I can attest that Eccles school provides world-class education and experience that allows students to practice what they learned after graduation. The learning environment for students also makes the institution the right place for pursuing my MSIS program.

I am very optimistic that my future will be bright with a master of science in information systems from Utah University. Thus, I sincerely hope that my application will be given serious consideration as your decision will have a significant impact on my future.