Annotated bibliography on Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence

Rose, P. R. (2011). Cultural competency for health administration and public health. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett.

In a public and health administration, social competency is vital because it operates as an essential content in field of health. It has become a major subject in health organizations that is beneficial to the general public. This article offers effective methods and content with different methods to explain the aspect of social competency.

Jeffreys, M. R. (2010). Teaching cultural competence in nursing and health care: Inquiry, action, and innovation. New York: Springer Pub Co.

The writer of this book reflects on use of materials that contribute to social capability projects and techniques. Clients learn to identify with their working surroundings and are beneficial to individuals in the medical field.

Orlandi, M. E. (1998). Cultural competence for evaluators: A GUIDE FOR ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION. S.l.: Diane Pub.

The purpose of the author is to upgrade on the details concerning experts who handle programs in ethical groups and racial settings. The author concludes by reflecting upon evaluators who work in the group in relation to how they handle social fitness.

Laird, S. E. (2008). Anti-oppressive social work: A guide for developing cultural competence. Los Angeles: SAGE.

In this item, the author highlights on plans that could lead to effective social work. This is via comprehending social standards and value of individuals in recognizing the touch activities in a society. He concludes by evaluating on the social legacies and how they link to the primary ethnic minority in the US.

Srivastava, R. (2007). The healthcare professional’s guide to clinical cultural competence. Toronto: Mosby Elsevier.

In this article, the author focuses on the consideration of clients and depicts ways to improve social fitness in medical environments. In general, the author concludes that the society should apply cognizance and research to diverse publics in matters that concern cultural competency.



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