Anorexia in High School Students v.s College Students

Must be a research paper, with sources. Can be comparative between high school and college, or just the effects in high school.

• Content: 15 pts
o Missing title page -4
o Missing information on title page
▪ Need name, title, TA’s name
▪ -1 for each missing item
o Missing reference or wrong type of article
▪ -4 for one; -8 for both
o Leftover for understanding of articles -3
• Quality of writing: 10 pts
• APA Style: 10 pts
o Missing in-text citations -2
▪ Missing year -1
▪ Using first names or initials -1
o Comment on direct quote with missing page number
o Wrong margins -1
o Wrong spacing -1
o Wrong font -1
o Wrong APA-style references
▪ “Works cited”; “Sources”; “Bibliography” -1
▪ Full first name or missing initials -1
▪ Journal name not italicized -1
▪ Comment if not in alphabetical order
▪ Comment on capitalization/comment on retrieved from
o Missing header -2
▪ Wrong font -0.5
▪ Missing either page number or title -0.5/each
▪ Missing words “running head” on first page -0.5
• Paper topic turned in: 5 pts
o Missing paper topic -5
o Late paper topic -2.5
• Just handing a paper in: 10 pts
o Paper too short (less than 5.5 pgs double-spaced, EXCLUDING title and reference pgs) -5
▪ Extra spacing, wrong margins, etc. that if correct the paper would obviously not be
long enough also get -5
o Paper too long (over 6 p) -2.5