Anthropology Sample Essay on Traditional healers in modern medicine

Traditional healers in modern medicine

The phrase traditional medicine attributes to a variety of natural medications. A good example is when there exists Chinese and African traditional medicine. This form of medication entails spiritual healings and use of herbs. It is clear that traditional healers have been using herbs to heal diseases for generations.

Traditional medicines apply in situations whereby modern medicines have failed to be effective. In most cases, majority of individuals believe that modern medicine is the most effective in contrast to traditional medications. It is in this context that traditional healers are perceived to serve as ancient witch doctors. As a result, this has led to emerge of campaigns to transform traditional specialist into modern health healers. This is to prevent spread of diseases such as AIDS in the society.

As much as traditional healers may have the skills to recommend medications, it is vital to engage them in movements that fight against spread of AIDS. In most African states, individuals pay a visit to traditional healers in contrast to how they visit hospitals. Statistics reveal that in Zimbabwe, there are 46,000 traditional leaders. Conversely, the modern medical specialists are only 1,500 in number. Since the number of traditional healers exceed that of modern specialists, it is vital for doctors to coordinate with them.

The medicine that is used by traditional doctors is extracted from sources such as seeds and plants. This implies that their ingredients do not incorporate chemicals that could end up causing harm to users. There is need of creating awareness among traditional healers to advance their techniques in medications. It is also significant to avail both traditional and modern medicine to have a solution that will prevent and heal diseases. This calls for WHO and various governments to educate the public on modern medicine to reduce AIDs crisis.



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