Argumentative Essay on Death Penalty Focus Organization

Death Penalty Focus Organization

This paper articulates on reasons that explain why there is need to abolish death penalty. The constitution depicts that each person has a right to life. On the contrary, the current legislation reveals that any individual who attempts to kill should be granted capital punishment. This act that permits the court to have a jurisdiction over an individual’s life has contributed to debate among different people.

The proponents of death penalty assert that murder cannot be justified and that the only punishment is for the court to order the perpetrator to be killed. Conversely, the opponents of capital punishment claim that the act is against the rights of a person to live (Valeontis, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to exhibit an objective argument that should lead to abolishment of death penalty.

The supporters reveal that individuals who murder others are heartless and have no right to life. However, those against death penalty argue that killing the offenders will be like creating another mistake that won’t be helpful in this situation. This is because it does not grant them another opportunity to learn from their mistake. In addition, this form of punishment affects family and friends who still rely on the guilty individual for help.

According to supporters of death penalty, their view is that such jurisdiction will help to scare those who intend to murder others.  O’Malley (2013) cites that there is need for the society to focus on corrective measures. This includes staying in jail for a long duration instead of granting death penalty to the accused. Clearly, only God has the right to take away life of a person. The religion is also against death sentence, it is honorable if the court rules other forms of punishment. In conclusion, death penalty should be avoided to ensure that the innocent family is not affected and to allow the accused to rectify his mistake.


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