Argumentative Essay on Is Sex Education Beneficial or Harmful to Teenagers?

Is Sex Education Beneficial or Harmful to Teenagers?

The rise in childhood pregnancy and transmission of sexual diseases has raised concern of such actions in society. In this regard, individuals who argue against the requirement of sex education among teenagers end up raising curiosity among the youth. This is because majority is not well informed concerning the topic and they do not perceive it as strange.

Reports in US reveal that 9 out of 10 youth are sexually active. Clearly, majority of youth in society engage in immoral activities such as incest. Others are abused inhumanly leaving them with both emotional and physical trauma. In respect to these activities, the society cannot proceed to handle sex education as a topic that is foreign. This is because it is a moral problem and if the community chooses to be silent, we will blame ourselves for our actions in future. This calls for cautious efforts to ensure that teenagers are responsible for their actions imminently.

However, increase in stigmatization and neglecting sex topics drive the youth to have unsafe sex in secret. There is need to avoid this situation by revealing the truth to young people. Evidently, we live in a contemporary and permissive society that grants freedom to its occupants. This implies that we cannot restrict actions of people but we can let them realize its consequences. Sex education is essential to impart the lives of teenagers in a positive manner. It is the responsibility of the society to remind the young stars on ways to control their lives.

Additionally, sex education is vital because it gives encouragement to teens that have been already abused in life. By talking about the issue, it aids to give advice that enhances morality in society. This implies that silence is harmful while sex education is significant. This is because it prevents future pregnancy and sexual diseases among the youth.



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