Argumentative essay on Mandatory Sex Education in Public Schools

Mandatory Sex Education in Public Schools

The debate concerning sex education has become a controversy in the society on whether it should be taught in public schools. Supporters of this topic argue that subjecting learners to sex education aids in creating awareness concerning their sexual health. Conversely, opponents assert that sexual education should be avoided because it exposes children to emulate illicit characters while they are still young. The purpose of this paper is to highlight on the advantages of offering mandatory lectures about sex in schools.

Personally, my opinion is that as children grow, they tend to develop interests on relationships and sex subjects. This implies that when they attain the puberty stage, they ought to incur biological changes that make them active sexually. My perspective is that when schools fail to offer sex education, children at this stage will end up having sex. As a result, they risk to contract diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Schools should create awareness about sex to eliminate such behaviors that could also lead to drop outs especially among girls when they get pregnant.

It is vital for teachers to educate the youth concerning sex. This is because it benefits the society when it aids to reduce the number of individuals affected by sexually transmitted diseases.  However, opponents further claim that religious teachers and parents should be the ones to enlighten children on this matter. Practically, this has become difficult to apply because now days, parents are busy with their careers. Furthermore, it is rare to find parents discussing sexual matters with their children because they found it embarrassing. Conversely, religious teachers put their emphasis on abstaining, which the youth find it difficult to practice. It will be helpful if teachers offer sex education in schools because children spend more time with them.


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