Argumentative essays on Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Since 2013, people have switched to use of fuel cells that produces electricity from hydrogen.  As a result, individuals have found it beneficial to invest on fuel cells. This is evident when they successfully test and use of hydrogen in cars rather than petroleum.

There has been an argument on whether fuel cells have a future. Research reveals that vehicle manufactures have transformed fuel cells as a technology that can be used in transport system. Recently, the innovation of fuel cells was applied by Hyundai and Honda automakers. As a result, manufacturers across the globe have been interested in this concept that allows vehicles to use fuel cells.

Study also approves fuel cells to be a reliable source of energy because it is powerful and clean. This has increased its consumption in various places that include schools and hospitals. Due to oxidation, fuel cells have an advantage over normal batteries. This is because they continue to release energy contrary to batteries that goes off. Fuel cells have also motivated individuals to use them on computer and laptop devices.

In addition, fuel cells are beneficial over other traditional approaches. For instance, fuel cells can be both useful in cars and to power plants. This is because they emit green house gases in small contents.  It has also reduced pollution and improved health of people due to pure hydrogen that produces only water and heat. Conversely, other traditional form of energy pollutes the environment when they embrace combustion technologies. This makes fuel cells that are extracted from hydrogen to be more effective.

In conclusion, individuals find it efficient and convenient to use fuel cells. The reason is because they are safe and conserve the surrounding in contrast to traditional energy.


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