Argumentative essays on Pregnant Women in Elder Age and Surrogates

Pregnant Women in Elder Age and Surrogates

Women who become pregnant when they are old have less chances of having a normal delivery. This is because their rates of fertility are low when they approach menopause. Majority of women in this situation decide to seek help from surrogate mothers. They play a role of offering fertilized eggs and a uterus to sustain the pregnancy.

In condition of menopause among older women, surrogate mothers are essential to assist viable partners to have their own children. In regard to this issue, doctors have confirmed that unending infertility does not exist among women. The improved technology in reproductive has saved the situation when it upgrades the fertility status. The advantages of using a surrogate mother are that it enables an individual to evade the pregnancy stress. However, this can also be a limitation to the female partner because the child that will be delivered will not have her genes.

Evidently, majority of mothers who are surrogate decide to assist other partners after they have completed their procreation plans. Normally, they engage in this activity when they attain an old age. The surrogate mothers are granted proper care to ensure that the baby is healthy without any complications. Additionally, the responsibility of the surrogate agencies is to emphasize on good diets and proper care. This is to sustain the pregnancy among the surrogate mothers. Another duty of these agencies is to track the pregnancy by use of ultrasounds to detect risks and complications that may arise.

This check up is useful because it aids in saving surrogate mothers to ensure that they go through full pregnancy sessions. Currently, use of reproductive technology has hindered pregnancy complications among elder women. Surrogate mothers can aid partners to bear children but it is better to have genetic children at an older age.



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