Art Sample Essay on Friz Freleng’s Cultural Importance

Friz Freleng’s Cultural Importance

Friz Isadore Freleng was born in 1905 and became famous for having initiated modern animation. Unfortunately, Freleng passed on in the year 1995. He was also known for creating approximately 300 renowned cartoon action. For instance, a section of them incorporated the Tweety Pie and Daffy Duck.  Among his cartoon characters, five of them were granted academy awards over duration of 20 years. The objective of this paper is to determine the cultural significance of Freleng via his works of animation.

The cultural importance of this icon is evident via his cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny. In 1960, Freleng was also responsible for a top role that enhanced the pop culture in US. To familiarize with the viewers, he formulated movies that appealed. Furthermore, he made his films captivating by incorporating background rhythms. As a result, this move made individuals to appreciate pop culture (Dobson 209).

Clearly, cartoons have an outstanding outcome that revive the attitude of audience especially children. Characters in these films played a vital duty of reflecting gender and social customs. Furthermore, these actors have also shaped gender equality in the community by developing their traditional functions. In his work, Freleng supported safety in the surrounding. This was clear when he incorporated critics to condemn cultures that degraded the atmosphere. Throughout World War II, the US military leadership wanted its troops to embrace discipline in their operation.

Freleng played a vital role of formulating and guiding the cartoons. These films depicted military bearing, self control and appreciating the front forfeit. This helped US to win the battle which meant that Freleng had accomplished his goals. This implies that the efforts that Freleng incorporated in producing carton movies had a positive effect to the society.


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