Article Analysis on “Yemen war: ICRC buys fuel to pump water in stricken cities,”

“Yemen war: ICRC buys fuel to pump water in stricken cities,”


In the article titled “Yemen war: ICRC buys fuel to pump water in stricken cities,” the author has elaborated more on the crisis in Yemen nation and the ways in which organizations such as ICRC are trying to help the population. The main reason for this crisis is because of a blockade that was formed by Saudi which acted as a barrier to fuel importation which is crucial for sanitation and pumping of water(BBC 1). At the same time, the local water boards in Yemen which is responsible for pumping water cannot do so because of rise in oil prices. The organization is not in a position to afford the fuel prices and as a result the citizens of Yemen have been left to feel the pinch of the conflict/crisis. Nonetheless, regarding that ICRC is offering a small aid to the 27 million residence of Yemen, it cannot sustain the population in the long run as their demands will continue to increase with time (BBC 1). Minus clean water and proper sanitation, the country is not only at a risk of dehydration of the citizens, but the poor sanitation is hazardous because it can cause water-borne diseases and cholera that might kill many people.


The significant of this article is that it elaborates on the effects of war on the citizens of a country. Yemen is a perfect example that elaborates on the ways in which a war between two nations can not only affect the economy, but also put the citizens in jeopardy in various ways. The blockade from Saudi has put Yemen in more jeopardy more than anticipated.

Relation with the class reading

The article relates with the course learning on major conflicts and events and also the comparison of the transformations in the political life of the Middle East, India and China from 1800 to 1914. The article has detailed major conflicts between two nations and the events that results from the conflict. At the same time, it has elaborated on the transformation that has taken place in the Middle East politics especially the fact that they are allowing organizations such as ICRC to take part in helping them to solve their problems. It means that the restrictions that the government of the Middle East had put on the nation regarding foreign aid are an issue of the past


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