Article Response Paper on Barone Morales follow up

The article provides crucial information regarding logistics terminal safety and security, which have proven to be a challenge around the world. Airports are critical in logistics and supply chain management. Most goods go through them, either when going out as exports or when coming in as imports. Ensuring that people and cargo are secure is a vital task. As outlined in the article, the responsibility of fostering security in transportation centers differs greatly depending on the area of operation and locality.

The local police serve small localities. The role that such a body plays by does not differ much from that mandate of the larger agencies, such as the FAA and TSA. However, the author fails to provide details on the critical differences between the responsibilities of the local police bodies and the federal agencies. The paper was unable to answer some questions. For instance, to what extent can the local police departments handle safety issues and in what circumstances are they required to ask for help from federal bodies? While the writer mentions that the tasks of agencies in smaller areas and their counterparts in larger regions are the same, their experiences cannot be similar.

The author could have stipulated the experiences and skills required for one to serve in both smaller and the larger areas to improve the content of the article. Although the article acknowledges that the local agencies provide emergency services, its author could have outlined the major challenges that they face when doing so. The local agencies do not perform the same roles as the national and federal agencies. Questions such as what kind of emergencies that the local authorities handle need to be answered.