Article review on Healthcare Resource Constraints in Developing Countries

Healthcare Resource Constraints in Developing Countries

This paper analyzes a piece of writing ‘Breast cancer in limitedresource countries: Health care systems and public policy.’ It was drafted by Anderson et al. (2006) where it reflects on how the developing states uses limited sources to treat breast cancer.

It articulates on undesirable outcome that arises due to the situation of breast cancer in countries that are still developing. It is also clear that these countries that are on the rise lack enough health care resources. This is despite the fact that there currently exist improvised techniques to handle breast cancer. Research by Allegranzi et al. (2011) reveals that the constraints that affect these resources include cost challenges and data security.

Furthermore, other restrictions to health care operation are contributed by organizational and financial problems. As a result, lack of sufficient funds makes it hard for hospitals to buy medical equipments and drugs. In this regard, non-organizational firms and donors have united to improve health care methods that affect the developing states. Clearly, heath tools that are presently used in these countries fail to detect killer diseases such as cancer.

It is also vital for health care organizations to formulate best approaches that will give priority in handling key health challenges. In addition, poor health care is also attributed to migration and lack of trained personnel. This is evident when hospitals suffer insufficient personnel to perform complicated health procedures. Evidently, shortage of doctors and nurses also serves as a barrier that hinders developing countries to attain their medical targets. The major causes of challenges in the health care sector are contributed by the rise of nurses who migrate in search for well paying jobs in developed states. Another concern is unpleasant working conditions that arise due to lack of proper technology and medical facilities. This lack of resources may also subject health workers to be infected with diseases.



Allegranzi, B., Nejad, S. B., Combescure, C., Graafmans, W., Attar, H., Donaldson, L., & Pittet, D. (2011). Burden of endemic health-care-associated infection in developing countries: systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet, 377(9761), 228-241.

Anderson, B. O., Yip, C. H., Ramsey, S. D., Bengoa, R., Braun, S., Fitch, M., … & Tsu, V. D. (2006). Breast cancer in limited‐resource countries: Health care systems and public policy. The Breast Journal, 12(s1), S54-S69.


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