Article Review on Basic Challenges of Organizational Design

Basic Challenges of Organizational Design

The article ‘Organization Structure and Design: Applications and Challenges’ by Aquinas exhibit that for a firm to be effective, it needs to weigh up its design. Evaluating the design in the organization is essential because it involves difficult selections on ways to coordinate. The author reveals various dimensions that are incorporated in the organization design. They include organizational roles, integration and socialization. The purpose of this item is to depict the organization design and challenges that face each dimension.

The success of a firm depends heavily on the effectiveness of the management. In previous cases, leadership in top positions determined the manner in which subordinates could operate. However, this form of delegating duties turned out to be unimpressive because employees were not motivated (Aquinas 146). To solve this issue, the system of leadership has formulated organization design as a new model to handle the matter.

According to Aquinas, differentiation is dividing the organization into subsystem that promotes labor into diverse sections. The problems that are related with differentiation are deficiency in personnel or tasks. Aquinas cites that these challenges evolve when workers focus more on attaining goals of the departments, rather than meeting objective of the whole firm. Another form of organizational design is integration. It is significant because it enhances cohesion among the employees and enables them to collectively accomplish goals of the firm.

For managers to lead and delegate well duties, the authority must be good in making decisions. Aquinas further adds that socialization and formulation of rules are vital factors that promote cohesion in a firm. He cites that managers should incorporate social events to balance how the work force socializes and enforces rules. Aquinas concludes by revealing how communication is a fundamental aspect to reduce problems of organization design.


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