Article Review on Berks computer experts urge users to close Windows 7

Article topic 1: Berks computer experts urge users to close Windows 7

In this article, the author explores the efficacy of using Windows 7. The author gives various reasons why users should refrain completely from using the decade-old windows application in their personal computers. For instance, the article cites the tendency of Windows 7 to initiate automatic updates when users are busy executing some urgent or important work. Restating the computer when the updates are installing can be damaging (Rhen 1). However, the author supports the significance of some of these important updates on the computer’ security systems.

Accordingly, Microsoft’s decision to halt the automatic updates attracts mixed reactions from the author. While users may feel saved from the loathsome updates, the article asserts the computers will become more vulnerable to external threats from hackers and malwares. With approximately 42% of all Windows computers presently operating under Windows 7, the security implications such as theft of data and information will be massive. The author describes different viewpoints on Microsoft’s projected decision from various professionals in the field of information technology (Rhen 1). For instance, the Vice President of Digital Platform (Rick Phillips) affirms that withdrawing support for Windows 7 for PCs will have serious security implications.

Despite the development and release of Windows 8, many PCs still rely on Windows 7 due to reluctance to accept change among humans. Moreover, users find Windows 8 more difficult to upgrade compared to the older version. Subsequently, companies should upgrade their computer systems to avoid possible distractions by Microsoft’s decision to halt support for Windows 7 (Rhen 2). Rick Phillips reiterates that organizations should incorporate technical expertise and install new operating systems to avoid last minute rush with the 2020 deadline fast approaching.

Article topic 2: Reading’s DoubleTree by Hilton hotel wins the chain’s highest award for a second time

The article analyses the successes and effectiveness of DoubleTree by Hilton hotel on employees’ performances and loyalty to the corporation. In particular, the awards aimed to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate outstanding performances among individual employees and teams within the company (Uhrich 1). The article describes such practices as an explicit illustration of the value the company places on its employees. A committee of representatives from all chains under Hilton hotel under the leadership of the President and CEO selects the nominees for the awards. For instance, the chain awarded some of its top managerial staff for outstanding performances. According to the article, the Craig Poole (GM) and HR Director Alneasa Jordan received the CEO Light & Warmth Award in 2017 and 2017 respectively.

The winners such as Jordan benefits from cash bonuses, a trophy, and a lapel pin. Additionally, the article examines the role of awards in recognizing women in different professional positions. The award recognized women as mentors and capable of invigorating their respective societies. For instance, the Sinking Spring Executive Linda Anderson was recognized for her role in supporting investment opportunities and promoting the professional growth of women (Uhrich 2). The article describes Linda as well trained, coached, and mentored to be a leader. Other rewards described in the article recognized the contribution of individuals and entities to the development of libraries within Berks County. Additionally, the article describes Bradley S. Poore’s rewards as recognition of his consistent creativity and excellence in service delivery. Lastly, the article stipulates that the Annual Entrepreneurial Leadership Week will recognize the role of entrepreneurs, faculties, and students in the society.



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