Article review on East Asia Current Event Journal

East Asia Current Event Journal

An article drafted by Bradley Darvill, reveals that there is a new search for the Malaysian Airline (MH 370) that disappeared. This search resumes after a four month break and it incorporates ships that are moving into various positions to locate this lost plane. The responsibility of these ships will be to focus their search on a 23,000-square-mile across the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, these ships will utilize a high determination channel to ensure that it accesses the sea depths. Bradley reports that the main motivation to search for the lost planes is to find the 239 passengers who were on board (Darvill 56). This is to provide relevant details to the families and friends. It concerns the welfare of their loved ones who were in the flight. In this journal, the author grants them assurance that after the search that their questions will be answered.

During this hunt for the lost passengers, they will control the ships to move at a speed of 11 kilometer per hour. This movement will incorporate towing of the sonar gear. In addition to this event the vessel will require to alter its course. This will be vital for the team to consider drawing the tow fish up. This procedure will take hours to ensure that the ships do not sink in the bottom of the ocean as they turn to search for the lost plane.

This article intends to provide a response to numerous questions that families have. However, the author does not reveal what the searchers will gain after finding the plane. If the lost plane will be accessed, it means that there will be no remaining fractions to be identified. Furthermore, the relevant authorities will not give the reason of the accident. I believe that the owner of the lost plane knows why it was engaged in accident. They ought to keep it a secret claiming that it won’t happen again.

Work Cited

Bradley, Darvill. “Malaysia Airlines MH370: New underwater search begins desolate stretch of Indian Ocean focus of investigation.” Oct 05, 2014. CBC News World. Web. Oct 12, 2014.


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