Assignment on How to Write Your Position Paper

How to Write Your Position Paper

The purpose of a position of our paper is to generate support on an issue.  It describes your position on an issue and the rationale for that position. The position is based on facts that provide a solid foundation for your argument.

Your paper should identify a current challenge, opportunity or trend generated through reading and discussing the text.  You are strongly encouraged to select a topic that is relevant and meaningful to your educational and career path.     Examples could include: obesity crisis, need for licensure for TRS, future of US health care and the impacts on therapeutic communities, technological impacts, challenges or opportunities, rule changes in professional sports, media and sports.

You can use the text, current events, personal experience, scientific journals to support your idea.

Prior to writing your paper, define and limit your issue carefully.  Social issues (taking a knee during the National Anthem) are complex and may have multiple solutions.  Make sure to narrow your paper to something manageable.

The grading rubric will be based on your ability to generate, support and complete your position.

  1. Introduction:
    1. Identification of the issue – relevance (this is the issue and why it is important)
    2. Statement of your position -where do you stand on the issue, trend?
  2. Body
    1. Background information – (no more than a paragraph) background/historical information on the trend or issue you have chosen
    2. Supporting evidence or facts – evidence can be quoted (cited of course), statistical data, expert interviews. Evidence should lead to the main concept.
  • Conclusion
    1. Summarize main concepts and reinforce, without repeating the introduction
    2. Could contain a suggested course of action