Book Review on Evolution of a Criminal

Evolution of a Criminal

‘Evolution of a Criminal’ is a documentary that is presented by Dairus Clarke which depicts how a young boy develops to be a robber in the bank. In my opinion, a boy aged 16 years would grow to engage himself in crime because he desperately searched for a job he did not get.  In this regard, teenagers decide to join gangs who offer them training hence become criminals in the process.

I concur with the pleasure principle which asserts that individuals take part in crime behavior to satisfy their immediate needs and biological urges. However, this character that people emulate to satisfy their needs is not achieved in a legal manner. Absence of good morals is a factor that drives the youth to attain their illegal desires. An example that contributes to this character is poor parenting which motivates youth to grow under less control and become criminals.

According to Siegmund Freud, increase in deviance facilitates guilt due to an ego that subjects the individuals to engage in crime to fulfill their desires. As a result, this makes criminals to select the shortest ways such as robbing in a bank to become rich (Haley 123).   The act of criminality also relies in the manner in which people reason that makes them become criminals in future. Furthermore, lack of good education and childhood also contributes to crime offences.

In relation to JR’s perspective, arts played a vital role to reject characters that contributed to criminal activities. For instance, in the past, artworks were responsible for molding the behavior of individuals by creating awareness concerning crime. Furthermore, arts also enabled individuals to revise their bad traits by punishing wrongdoers. These forms of arts were beneficial especially in the US society when they emphasized on change that supported legal revolution.


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