Book Review on The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros Book Review: This extra credit assignment is also worth two points. Anyone, even if you have completed an extra credit alrready, can do this assignment. For this assignment you are to write a 2-3 page review on one of the Sandra Cisneros’ books, including her poetry books if you are interested. In the book review should include: The first part should be a short summary or background of the work and the second part should be your opinion of the work, including but not limited too (one or a few points to discuss about the book. What worked well for you in the book? How does this work compare with others by the same author or other books in the same genre? What major themes, motifs, or terms does the book introduce, and how effective are they? Did the book appeal to you on an emotional or logical way?)