Book Review on Total Truth

Total Truth

The article Total Truth was drafted by Pearcey. It evaluates on the landmark between different cultural mainstream and Christian perception of the world. This is based on practices that apply in business, politics and various fields of career. This piece of writing responds to controversial claims that attribute to the religion. This further implies that the life of Christians should virtually relate to that of other Christians that surround them.

Pearcey (2008) considers her writing work a lot when he cites about the extreme threats that affects the Christians youths due to culture. Her perspective is that this might create a negative outcome that might affect Christian churches across the globe. The book begins by analyzing if God truly exists in public venues. It also articulates on handling the religion issue as a private matter. In simple terms, Total Truth refers to a reflection that incorporates efforts to be satisfied with spiritual life.

This is accomplished by renewal of culture and change of the negative personality among individuals.  In addition, the struggle to enhance Christian life is viewed as a division when revealing the truth. This is because the elements and practices that apply to Christianity keep religious people from appearing in public arenas. Furthermore, Pearcey (2008) also cites the need to unite to avoid division of lives.

The purpose of this move is to improve the power and belief in spirituality among Christians. This is achieved when religious individuals are disconnected from earthly behaviors. Evidently, the teachings in Pearcey’s article True truth serve as an inspiration to handle real people. For instance, it links the past actions with the current events to liberate Christians from sins. In conclusion, Pearcey reflects that Christianity does not only base on religious truth. It connects the Christian faith to that of individuals in virtual world as a reflection of the entire truth.



Pearcey, N. (2008). Total truth: Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Books.


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