Brief report on Organizational Development Intervention


Some of you are asking me about the OD intervention report. It is due when you complete the OD intervention in class.

OD Intervention report guidelines (it can be around three to five pages including the cover page and references.

Here are some helpful guidelines. Grade point: OD activity in class points 5 and the written report is points 5.

It must have a cover page as I explained in class? Heading: OD Intervention Activity Report

APA writing, double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12.

Include the following sections

Introduction and the purpose of the report.
The OD issues you identified in an organization you are doing for the final project or you experienced.
Describe the OD Issue.
Next, implement the OD intervention in class.
Describe how the OD intervention you implemented in the class will help to resolve the OD issues you selected earlier.
Use your learning in the course. Describe what level? Individual, team or organizational level issues will be resolved with this. After implementing what kinds of changes do you expect?