Business Paper on Total’s Carbon Capture and Storage Project at Lacq

Business Paper on Total’s Carbon Capture and Storage Project at Lacq

Is CCS pilot project at Lacq a good investment for Total?

This is a good investment for Total because it aims at fulfilling all the theoretical as well as technical objectives. The CCS pilot project at Lacq intends to curb carbon dioxide emissions from the greenhouse. It will assist in the demonstration of the technicality and reliability of the CO2 capture together with its transportation into a reservoir for depleted gasses. Additionally, this is a good investment since it will be vital for the development and application of geological storage methodologies. It will also be essential for technologies necessary for storage programs applicable onshore. Total will benefit by finding an innovative solution that will complement source emission reduction.

Do you agree with some members of Jean-Michel’s team that opined that more public process is “foolish, a risky game, and not necessary”?

I do not agree with these members. A public process cannot be a foolish or risky affair. It should be profitable to the project. It is important to have public processes through formal channels. However, these formal channels must have the right approach with regard to the type, cost, and scale of the project. For instance, a new experiment presented to the public may require a new approach to ensure positive results.


Please outline how would you go about engaging the public. 

Firstly, I would be very transparent with the public concerning the project being initiated. This will erase all the doubts and fears in the minds of people hence adapting change more easily. I will also go an extra mile and invite the public for a more open but formal talk concerning the project. With this, I will ensure that clear communication is presented to the public addressing all the necessary questions. Every public concern and misconceptions about the project will also be thoroughly addressed through both public forums and individual meetings. Lastly. I will engage the public through passing free information on the consequences of the project through public talks and meetings.