Business: Sample Essay on Age Discrimination in Work Place

Age Discrimination in Work Place

Age discrimination incorporates treatment that is not favorable. This form of treatment is subjected to people who have not attained a certain age. According to the law, discrimination is illegal at places of work. This implies that huge producers such as Seymour Midwest should not be part of such activities that degrade others.

Based on the employment act, age discrimination puts emphasis against the character of discriminating individuals who have not attained 40 years. It is because this regulation does not involve people who are under the age of 40. Assessing Seymour’s case, it is clear that they breached against the act of age discrimination when they refused to hire an executive who was 58 years old. Based on the company’s principles, this candidate was perceived to have exceeded the ideal age of the firm that was 45-52 years (Gregory, 2001).

Violation of this rule made the American commission that fought for equality in recruiting employees to impose charges on the firm. According to the commission’s perspective, the firm manager had handpicked Steve from the list of applicants. This candidate intended to work in the department of sales as the top vice president. Besides age factor, Steve had made all the firm’s requirements such as passing the interview that was conducted online. Additionally, he had the needed skills and was even ready to relocate.

This is an apparent situation that depicts age discrimination at working places. This is in regard to breach of Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). It revolves around job applicants who have exceeded the age of 40. The commission that emphasizes for equality in employment claimed that it was mandatory for the firm to compensate Steve with cash. The commission also ought to evaluate past discrimination cases to hinder similar violations in future.



Gregory, R. F. (2001). Age discrimination in the American workplace: Old at a young age. New Brunswick, N.J [u.a.: Rutgers University Press.


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