Business: Sample Essay on The Role of Market Research within the Business Context of Marketing

The Role of Market Research within the Business Context of Marketing

Marketing is an essential approach that aids managers in operating a business. It assists them to collect details that relate to needs of clients. It is a strategy that is useful in ensuring that consumers are satisfied with services or products of a given firm. This implies that for a new enterprise to thrive, it must be in a good location. The objective of individuals in new or existing form of trade is to reduce expenses and increase their returns. This paper depicts responsibility of research in marketing context.

In marketing, research is a procedure that is useful in targeting buyers by exposing to them products of their preference. To improve on the returns, the role of the manager is to locate opportunities that will enhance development in a business. A market research is essential to identify change in demand and preferences among clients. It also aids in identifying modern market segments that will boost the operation of the current business.

This move is effective because it facilitates maximization of profits in a firm. In an enterprise, feedback is vital to measure on its progress and the change it requires. The feedback will also reveal whether clients are satisfied or not. The firm needs to incorporate a marketing plan to be in a position to note its strength or weakness. Competition at the market is normal and healthy for the participants. This is if it is done in the right manner. For instance, competition can foster managers to improve their services to attract plenty of customers.

Clearly, a marketing research is necessary to alleviate risks that are encountered in a business. It enables managers to make effective decisions that would aid them to identify chances at the market. A market research is vital because it help to determine the success of a business activity.




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