Business Studies Case Study on iYellow Wine Club

iYellow Wine Club

Does the target market iYellow has identified make sense in terms of their business format/offering? Are there other target markets the company should pursue?

Yes, the target market identified by iYellow makes sense in terms of their business offering. The company’s rationale is to offer education and information to the ‘iPod generation’ who are adults between the ages of 24-38 years with no clue regarding the appreciation of winemaking and the vast array of variants to choose from. The firm should enlarge its target market to include the older representatives who know much about wine but lack the means and strength to purchase the beverages. The organizations can even do doorstep delivery to such individuals.

Evaluate the marketing strategies employed to date. Do they make sense, and are there any improvements that could be made?

iYellow utilizes an underground and organic marketing strategy. Given the company’s target market and its growth in membership, it is sound to state that it is not only rational but also successful. Going forward, the enterprise could, perhaps, incorporate celebrity marketing because its current target market is highly influenced by the celebrity icons.

What other service or expansion opportunities exist for iYellow for the future, specifically in terms of global marketing?

The company can also consider selling wine in smaller packages to the youth who form the larger portion of its market. This generation does not have huge income, but they like and purchase wine. Opportunities for growth available for iYellow include partnering with a winery so as to facilitate the distribution of wine to their consumers. It will also involve partnering with global logistics firms like DHL to facilitate cross-country deliveries.

What are some options for how to spend the marketing budget allocated for next year?

The marketing budget should be spent on marketing the organization and creating awareness. The corporation can devise gifts and giveaways for members who do more referrals to their friends. According to the case, iYellow has a presence only on Facebook. However, at the same time, it can consider using the allocated budget to expand into other social media avenues such as Twitter and Instagram.