Business Studies: Coursework on Apple Inc’s Strategic Analysis

Apple Inc’s Strategic Analysis

Apple Inc is ranked to be the top firm that produces personal computers worldwide. However, it encounters competition at the market from other firms such as HP and Dell. To face rivals at the market, Apple has formulated effective strategies to make it maintain its leading position. It is a strategy that aids the firm to deal with its rivals.

One of the approaches is clear when the management at Apple Inc reasons in a different manner. This firm has also extended its provision of services when it offers various operating systems and applications. It also provides DNA designs that are clear when they deliver unique personal computers. Through these aspects, Apple Inc has been in a position to deal with competition issues at the market. This company still leads when it comes to production of MP3 players. Evidently, their MP3 players incorporate numerous features in contrast to those produced from its competitors.

Despite Apple’s progress, it still encounters threats. For instance, if the diverse operations at Apple fail to generate income, it will hinder the firm from progress. This is because the management will be forced to use funds from other operations to sustain those that are not doing well. In addition, challenges that face operations at Apple is linked to the current growth at the market. This is attributed to multinational firms that have innovated products that appeal to clients (Boudreau, 2012).

Failure to design modern products will subject Apple Inc to be suppressed by other companies. Steve Jobs is a renowned influential leader at Apple. He encouraged employees to be innovative to manufacture products of high quality. As a result, this contributed to Apple’s success especially when they produced items that had a unique operating system. However, Job’s demise blurred Apple’s vision of manufacturing modern products that could suit future generations.




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