Business Studies: Coursework on White-Belt Full Car Wash Services

White-Belt Full Car Wash Services

Car wash services are ranked to be the most profitable trade to run. This is because individuals who offer such services get huge returns that benefits owners for a long duration. For instance, in my area only a few places provide such services. Furthermore, these few that can be accessed fail to satisfy clients in relation to their preference.

This implies that when we take our White Belt Car services to these regions, we will identify needs of customers. In response to their requirement, we will offer the best services that will attract more clients. The services that we will offer will range from lube services, car washing and waxing the inner part of the vehicle. As an upcoming firm, we understand that there are challenges that we will encounter on the way. In such a situation, we choose to endure everything we encounter to facilitate progress.

This will be successful if our team embraces risk management strategy. The purpose of this plan will be to reduce dangers that arise in a business before it falls. The major considerations of the business will be granted on various aspects. This incorporates regular safety meetings with workers at the firm. This is vital because it enables employees to handle duties and procedures in a firm without wasting time. This applies in cases where chemicals are used while offering services within the organization.

In this regard, it is essential to train workers to ensure that they are careful when dealing with clients. This will guide them to test vehicles in a careful manner to avoid situations whereby they contribute to accidents. This plan will also educate workers on effective ways to manage disasters. It will create awareness among employees to take precaution to avoid destruction that could subject the company to liability.



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