Business Studies Essay on Demand and Supply

Demand and Supply

Demand is an aspect that exhibit values in an economy. It describes the capability and aspiration of clients to pay cash for various goods and services. It is a concept that surpasses the measure of products and services that customers have interest to purchase. The quantity that clients demand for depict the total capacity of goods. Clearly, customers wish to have such products at a particular expense and time.

In addition, the quantity that individuals demand at the market depends on the cost of goods that are offered in a given period. For instance, an apple may costs 70 cents and it attains a demand of 500 individuals in a week. This implies that the order may rise or reduce in relation to the cost. In this regard, if the seller decides to lower the expenses of the apple to 65 cents, this may increase the demand to 560 on a weekly basis.

Conversely, when the marketer decides to increase the price of apples to 75 cents, this may reduce the desire to purchase them to 440 per week. Evaluating the increase and reduction of expenses, it means that this trend attests to demand law. This implies that firms can give rise in demand by reducing the prices of products. It happens when all aspects remains constant.

Equally, supply exhibit products and services that manufacturers avail at the market. These producers often have the desire to make clients access their products with a specific cost and price. This means that at constant rates, the expenses of goods are subjected to the thought of all other aspects of production. Suppliers tend to order 400 apples weekly when they cost 70 cents. The reduction of price to 60 cents is linked to supply of 190 apples. In essence, the rise in prices of commodities increases its supply when all the aspects of production remain constant.




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