Business Studies on Export/Market Potential

Export/Market Potential


TO: Manager, Premier Coffee Experts

FROM: International Marketing officer

DATE: November 4, 2014

SUBJECT: Export of Coffee to India


Since 20years, the operation at this firm in United States has been smooth. The company has also depicted high performance in its exports to other countries such as Japan and Rwanda.  As a result, it has generated huge profits and achieved authority across the globe in relation to its manufacture of high quality products.

Clearly, our firm has been approved by international bodies to be the best producer of quality coffee that is economical and healthy to consume. In this regard, the company intends to expand its strategy by exporting its coffee products to India. After conducting a market analysis in India, we found out that there could be efficient export of coffee due to direct flights from US to India. Furthermore, the good professional relationships that Americans shares with India will enhance product acceptability in the country.

Our research team also assessed on the demand of coffee of which we found India to be favorable due  to its high population that will increase the demand of coffee. Evidently, a large number of Indians are low income earners, and reducing the cost of coffee will be a good strategy to access the market. Competition wise, we found out that India offers alternative beverages such as tea, but with our low expense strategy, we will sell more than them.

Analyzing the business environment in India, it is clear that the government will favor exporters by deducting tax expenses. This is a good move because it will encourage foreigners to invest and facilitate growth of the economy. In addition, the regulations in India will favor our export business because we meet their requirements. This includes creating job opportunities and offering high quality services. In India, the government promotes opportunities such as co-branding that enables investors to partner with local businesses to increase sell of their products.



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