Business Studies on Writing a Proposal for a Student Club

The Alpha wildlife club has 60 members and aims to create a generation of young advocates of conservation who meaningfully work within their communities and contribute to sustainable and responsible solutions to matters affecting the environment, conservation, and human-wildlife conflict. The motto of Alpha wildlife club is “learn to conserve for a better tomorrow.” Moreover, the objective of the club is not only to spread interest and knowledge about wildlife and the environment to the society, but also to create awareness on the importance of conserving nature and its natural resources. If my club (Alpha wildlife) is awarded $7,000 for activities that promote academic research and travel to industry conferences, this is how we will spend the money.

First and foremost, Alpha wildlife club members will plant seedlings and take care of existing trees and indigenous plants within the school vicinity and surrounding environs. About 500 seedlings will be purchased and planted in a nursery bed within a timeframe of two weeks. Approximately about $2000 will go into purchasing seeds and fertilizers for the cause. Additionally, members of the club have agreed to carry out a community outreach program for a week with the aim of educating persons in the community on the importance of conserving wildlife and ways through which they can earn a living from wildlife and nature. This information will help them make informed decisions now and in the future. Roughly $2300 will be used for this excursion and will cater for transport, purchase of teaching materials, food, and incentives for the community.

About $1000 will go to hosting an art and design event where the winner will be awarded $500. The remainder of the money will be used to facilitate the publishing of educational books written by Alpha wildlife club members on the importance of conserving nature and wildlife and the problems affecting wildlife e.g. poaching. This will go a long way in educating society.