Business Studies Paper on Facility layout and process design

Business Studies Paper on Facility layout and process design

Every organization needs to pay keen attention to facility layout and process design to have efficient and effective manufacturing process. This is the only way in which they will be able to achieve the production results that they desire. Facility layout takes into consideration, the final product, the convenience of the operations, the available space, and safety of the users. The aim of the facility layout is to have effective workflow while at the same time make the workers and equipments used more productive. There are several factors that manufacturing organizations such as Mercedes Benz needs to take into consideration in their production of C Class model. The company needs to consider the possibility for future expansion. It means that the facilities should be designed in such a way that it can easily be expanded to meet the production needs. It should also take into consideration safety in the layout whereby they follow all the guidelines underlined under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MSG 1). It is paramount to take into consideration the nature of the car because it will affect the movement process. For instance, the time and the efforts needed to move the product across North America during the distribution process.

Another important factor is the country norms and laws because there are some nations whereby there are standard minimum space that is required for manufacturing companies to operate. It is important to adhere to these laws for better production process. Lastly, the company needs to take into consideration the ways in which materials flow. When designing the layout, it is important not to hinder external and internal flow as this will make the process easy and faster.

When a manufacturing company decides to take into consideration proper facility layout and process design, there is a possibility to use the same layout to produce another product. In the case of Mercedes Benz Company, there is a possibility of it using C-Class production layout to produce SLS AMG and vice-versa. It means that the Mercedes platforms for its compact cars to be produced in future can easily share the production facilities because of the design process. Both of the layout for the models of Mercedes cars have lightweight engines that are balanced and can be forged. This makes it easy to redesign the engine to fit any of the production.

Another design that is shared by C-Class and SLS AMG is the Gullwing doors which are compatible in any space frame for both. They were also built in a way that is similar such that they are both effective regardless of the production design. The aim Mercedes Company was to ensure re-creation to make the production process easy and fast for new models off cars. It means that it took into consideration the future expansion faction enabling it to meet it needs at any time. However, the bad thing of using the same process design is that in case the C-Class is having problems, there is a possibility for the SLS AMG production to experience similar problems. Mercedes has plans to ensure that the doors for any of their model of cars are retro super minimizing chances for them breaking down thus maintaining high performance (Kong 1). The weight distribution for both the models of Mercedes makes them impressive and able to move longer distance at a speed of 100km/32m minus any carbon ceramic brakes.


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