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The first “website hit” to appear is while the second one is The latter appears so high because its heading contains the word google and it is passing new information about a new product from Google. This product is able to track one’s investments while showing an array of other viable options (Haselton, 2017). This result is an article from the online news website CNBC. It can also be utilized as a form of advertisement for the new Google product. The former appears because it also contains the word Google in its heading. Like the latter, this is also an article in the online news website The Gurdian. This article however does not contain new information or advertise a new product from Google. However, it bears information about anxiety from a philosophical point of view (Morgan, 2017). The possible reasons that could have led to these two websites ranking so high in the search results is either because they contain the word Google as part of their headings or they are advertisements attached to run concurrent to the search term Google.

AdWord is an online advertisement platform created and provided by Google to potential online advertisers. The reason behind this is more than simply creating awareness about the existence of a particular product or service. AdWord is a Pay-Per-Click (PTC) service that enables advertisers to track the performance of their advertisement and know what action were taken by the customers who viewed the advert. The direct target of the service is the direct response advertisers who are interested in viewers taking a direct action such as visiting their website to make a purchase or for registration. The payment for this service is determined by an auction-based model where advertisers declare how much they want to pay for each click. AdSense is a Google service that allows advertisers to place their adverts anywhere in the internet right next to content that is relevant to the advertiser. The difference between these two services is that AdWord allows you to advertise on the google search results pages while AdSense uses a publisher to display GoogleAds in your website.

Google is increasingly realizing the financial success of its online advertising model. This is shown by the increasing number of advertisers joining these advertising models. The company is also continually making improvements in these platforms to be able to accommodate more adverts for less space and easy dynamics. The logical explanation for improving something would be because it either has a high potential for success or it is successful currently. Inventions such as AdWords and AdSense are a constant remainder of the success Google’s online advertising model continues to experience.

Human inventions like Google are wonders that were once a façade. No one could have imagined that such a wonder could be created by only two people yet to even graduate. The complex nature of this and other creations points to the awesomeness of God who is the ultimate creator. The burgeoning question is if a human brain can create such unimaginable marvels, how about the creator of the human brain? It would take us first to completely understand God’s creation (the brain) before we can even start trying to understand Him because the creator is always greater than the creation. The fact that the brain continues to invent new things shows that God’s wisdom knows no end since the brain is His work.



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