Business Studies: Research Paper on Hammack


This paper analyzes Hammack’s article ‘Making the Nonprofit Sector in the United States: A reader’. According to this author, America is a state that incorporates great developed aspects. This makes it to be a unique nonprofit zone.

Evaluating article 26 by Jay Dolan, it is clear that the Catholic Church has played a vital duty of transforming the community. This began during the ante-bellum time when the church decided to be reserved from the reforms. Reformists demanded change to apply in education, prison and in the sector of theology. In addition, they wanted the society to treat women equally with men. Based on the catholic perspective, they claimed that change could only be emphasized via personal reforms (Hammack, 1998, p. 271). They further revealed that the liberal strategy could distort peace and contribute to rebellions in society.

In reference to article 28 that is written by Suzanne Lebsock, she outlines the responsibility of women in dealing with difficult situations. She depicts women as role models who motivate their colleagues of the same gender to handle problems with confidence. Lebsock cites that in 19th century, women accepted the fact that they had a special duty to respond to by handling challenges in the community. She creates awareness among the female in confirming their responsibilities and rights.

Article 30 was drafted by Du Bois to reveal the duty of firms that did not generate profits. He cites the functions of the organizations in encouraging coordination among the White and Negro Americans. This was introduced by the church and also comforted African America victims who underwent challenges in society. At the time when revolt movements began in 19th century, it made slaves to escape in huge numbers. The church and nonprofit firms played a significant duty of liberating the oppressed individuals in America.



Hammack, D. C. (1998). Making the nonprofit sector in the United States: A reader. Bloomington, Ind: Indiana University Press.



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