Business Studies: Sample Essay on Compensation Policy Statement

Compensation Policy Statement

This paper reveals a policy report of New York solar connection firm. The firm has to enhance a compensation strategy that is favorable to all workers in spite of their job nature. It is the responsibility of the firm to ensure that details that relate to salaries and compensation are transparent. This is vital to prevent issues that arise between employers and their subordinates.

It is also essential for an organization to ensure that employees are aware of the amount that members of their team earn. In this regard, the firm is supposed to enhance its compensation policy. This implies that the boss should treat all workers in the same manner to avoid chaos at the firm. Compensation is a vital concept because it enables workers to support guidelines of the firm. In this regard, companies need to hold meetings to discuss its finances and performance.

Compensation policy in firms is linked to egalitarian concept to facilitate equal treatment to workers. The firm believes that all individuals should be respected and compensated in the same manner in regard to the policy. This perspective connects with one in the bible when God views all people to be the same (Bredeson, 2012). The egalitarian concept emphasizes on the fact that firms should benefit workers in an equal way via their gains.

Furthermore, this doctrine reveals that all individuals have the right to be handled equally to feel appreciated. The kind of compensation strategies that renders superiors in a firm to have huge amounts is considered to be unlawful. The egalitarian rule puts emphasis on equal treatment of workers. Through this doctrine, individuals in charge are supposed to offer compensation to employees in an equal manner.



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Bredeson, D. (2012). Applied business ethics. Mason, Ohio: South-Western.


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