Business Studies: Sample Essay on Contract Clause on the Ownership of an IP

Contract Clause on the Ownership of an IP

Intellectual property is attributed to conception of mind. This implies that implementation and various innovation forms are protected by regulations in most cases. There are various aspects that should be considered when enlisting a Dispute Resolution Clause Intellectual Property (IP). This is especially when it is related to IP ownership.

Due to contemplation, aspects that must be considered include royalty and legitimacy. Other sections of inherent issues incorporate scope of license and ownership. Furthermore, these issues must also be put into consideration. This is because they involve contract clauses concerning the ownership of IP. It revolves around French Franchisee and the Coca-Cola organization. Contracts that are related to the discussion depict agreement scopes. During termination of agreement, special rights must have trademark rights to be part of the clause.

The phrase copyright should be indicated to write an agreement clause concerning IP ownership. This is to represent certain rights to safeguard original idea of a single party. Patent is a word that reveals packages of rights to protect discovery. Furthermore, the distribution of funds would be ensued from intellectual property sale (Newman, 2013, p. 22). This shall be linked to special negotiation that is part of the parties. Additionally, negotiating parties should agree to implement an upright faith. It is essential to resolve any challenge that may occur.

Parties will be left with alternative to dismiss the agreement if the dispute will not be resolved via negotiation in 45 days. The arbitration body has the responsibility of making decisions that brings parties together. This implies that special ruling that involves awards must be forwarded to courts. This is to ensure that trade secrets that incorporate two confidential parties are protected against competition at the market. It is vital for the contract to be monitored closely to foster understanding between the parties involved.



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