Business Studies: Sample Essay on Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Efficient means of communication are essential to facilitate interactive procedures. They seek to incorporate a change in behavior attitude and beliefs among individuals. Furthermore, communication is a major platform that enhances sending and receiving of messages. This is achieved via fixed codes that apply in the process.

In a business entity, real communication is essential to ensure that people receive feedback in an organization. However, if a business encounters a fault in communication, this influences operations in trade. Failure of employees to attend well to clients by not paying attention to their needs may contribute to loses hence closes the business. Conversely, if clients are treated appropriately, it makes an enterprise to succeed.

During my internship, I learned that the feedback of customers determines whether their way of communication is effective. In most cases, clients use different channels to communicate, concerning products and services that are offered by the firm. The satisfaction among clients will depend on their feedback. This will determine if communication at the company is effective. Characteristics of good communication in an organization are exhibited through the loyalty of employees.

Positive messages from clients concerning products that I offered made me appreciate how our firm communicated to them. Employees in this company were proficient in the manner in which they communicated. This is because it was reinforced when we fulfill the needs of the clients. As a result, customers from other firms were referred to our business. It was contributed by the fact that old clients had become loyal to our services. Furthermore, improvement of services and products generated encouraging feedback from clients.

Interacting well with our clients enhanced effective communication and contributed to a good relationship. It is vital for a business to embrace effective communication skills to foster progress in a firm.

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