Capstone project on Patient Falls in the Hospital Setting

Patient Falls in the Hospital Setting

A nurse practitioner is an individual who offers fundamental care to patients at the hospital. This advanced nurse also caters for the sick in other settings such as agencies of health care. As a primary service provider, a nurse focuses on enhancing health and welfare of patients. This applies in cases where the patient is suffering from both chronic and acute illness.

The responsibility of a nurse practitioner incorporates training the sick individuals on ways to manage chronic sickness. In addition, a nurse also examines the health of patients, their status and history. Furthermore, these nurses order diagnostic tests and prescribe medications for patients. According to research, a nurse practitioner coordinates with doctors and other nurses. This form of cooperation facilitates training programs at hospitals and enhances respect for patients.  Nurse practitioners are motivated when they implement care plans to upgrade the welfare of patients.

It is in this regard that nurse practitioners cooperate with other medical practitioners to utilize their skills in providing health care. If patients are subjected to hospital environment for a long period, they tend to develop phobia. Additionally, extending the hospitalization time contributes to increased expenses in health care. Study reveals that health practitioners have the responsibility of preventing the occurrences of accidents. Their other function is to ensure that all patients are safe in the hospital surrounding.

Clearly, in hospitals, majority of adults are vulnerable to falls. This research facilitates the implementation of fall prevention methods. In hospital settings, patients who fall exhibit that they are not comfortable or are prone to risks. Currently, the healthcare system is keen on matters that contribute to patient falls. This call for ample research to find solutions that will enhance values and quality of services in hospitals.


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