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A case study is a document submitted or presented to instructors or tutors, and it aims to identify a problem and come up with practical solutions.

Case study writers/ case study writers need to be very careful when writing case studies. The reason is that study cases, case study analysis/ analysis of case study, and study case are meant to reflect the status quo. Thus case studies, study cases, case study analysis/analysis of case study, and study case should be based on live entities like organizations and companies.

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Excellent case study writing begins with a wise topic selection. Case study writers/ case study writers should be careful to write case studies that will address relevant matters. When writing case studies, the case study writer/case study writers should also be in a position to demonstrate how the said company or organization will benefit from the case study he is conducting. The next step of writing case studies is to identify the most appropriate method of data collection.

The interview is the most effective data collection method because in case of study writing you are expected to interact with people to identify and solve the problem affecting them. The next step will be to conduct research, table your findings, give your recommendations and then put pen to paper.

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