Case Study Analysis Summary on Joplin Tornado

Joplin Tornado

A tornado is air that is potential to cause death and destroy structures because it moves at a high speed. Tornadoes are common events that happen in United States. Annually, they contribute to destruction of property and a high number of deaths. Tornado alleys that strike US are known to incur high dangers due to tornados.

Mitigation refers to actions that eliminate risks during disaster strikes. This is to avoid causing harm to people and destroying the property. Its focus is on the lasting solutions to control the impact that the disaster strikes causes to the community. Joplin Tornado was the most dangerous disaster that hit United States. Based on the reports from the National Weather Service, it warned the public concerning the event (Impact Forecasting, 2006). It was clear when it advised them to shift to safer regions.

The act of moving to safe locations did not make the condition to be worse. However, despite the shifting process, reports still indicated that there were a high number of fatalities. To handle this matter, the government decided to introduce safe rooms. These were movable metallic box that were designed to protect people from heavy winds in the moving air. Reports reveal that properties that were along Missouri tornado alley were insured against the disaster.

Evidently, 90 percent of tornadoes are EF-2, meaning they are not prone to high risks. This is because they involve low speeds that cannot cause serious damages. In response to the issue of tornado, the government provides funds via relief organizations to cater for disasters. Reports further reveal that residents of tornado prone areas respond slowly to warnings. In this regard, it is essential for the government to introduce educative programs to the public. This is to enable them to take precautions early before they are affected by such disasters.


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