Case Study Analysis Summary on The Hexadecimal Company

The Hexadecimal Company

Hexadecimal refers to a firm that is medium in size.  Its responsibility is to supply components of computers to various manufacturers across the globe. Initially, this organization also manufactured computer key boards. However, this project failed due to stiff competition that the firm faced at the market. Currently, this company has engaged in other activity when it license Kodak usage of light technology.

The challenges that Hexadecimal encounter is leaders who do not have efficient skills to administer its operations. Furthermore, the company does not coordinate well with individuals in OD category. In addition, the firm is also not well organized hence; it reduces cooperation efforts. The firm also faces other small issues that include different perspectives from members and disrespect to its manager (Champoux, 2010, p. 13).

Lack of good skills in leadership is the key contribution of challenges at Hexadecimal. For instance, the president of this organization does not perceive training matter to be serious. This is clear when the president fails to be present when the OD group reveals how the program operates. Clearly, OD is a program that was started to enhance visibility and competence in the entire firm. This implies that when the manager failed to pay attention regarding its operation, it affected the whole system.

In the firm, workers were hugely affected due to improper management. The best alternative to handle this matter is to move OD category to human resource section. In addition, the group needs to select a new manager to run errands of the company properly. Through direct way of administration, this leader will represent the views of employees. In this respect, the management will understand the needs of workers to increase performance. It is recommended that in any firm, leaders should attend to the needs of employees to increase productivity. Clearly, collaboration is a tool that enables the firm to succeed.



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