Case Study on DPS Core Competencies

DPS Core Competencies

Dr, Pepper refers to an organization that produces soft drinks which originated from a major company that existed in 2007, popularly known as Cadbury Schweppes. This was during the start of financial recession that caused problems in United States. This firm is located in America and it has various branches in Mexico and Canada.

The leader of the company is Larry Young who has made it to progress by increasing its sales, distribution networks and growth in revenues. There are two major approaches that contributed to growth of the organization, and they include marketing strategies and effective management. For instance, the top leadership of the firm incorporates the Chief Executive Officer CEO, who has experience in handling packaged beverages has operated in the sector for at aleast 20 years. Furthermore, these leaders also interact with the leading counterparts at the market such as Pepsi. As a result, this has enabled them to adopt different approaches that such firms use to enable them to lead.

It is also evident that Dr. Pepper Company has managed to put into the system a robust marketing approach that is satisfactory. This has benefited the company by increasing its revenues and sales. In addition, this strategy in marketing has also increased its distribution networks or product lines. To improve its services, the company has embraced use of advertisements to promote robust branding for its products. This has made the firm to be successful especially when it introduced soft drinks with flavor at the market.

The company has also progressed by extending product lines of the available products. They have improved this approach via change in core features that include intense marketing and packaging of modern brands. The firm has also progressed in its distribution networks by establishing fast foods and vending machines.


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