Installing a fire sprinkler is worth every investment a person resolves to execute. Fire sprinklers are devices that discharge water to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading in the room. They are installed in schools, hospitals, social halls, and business premises for safety roles. Efficiency of these sprinkler devices depends majorly on the
Wall Type, Features and Wall Selection             Walls play important roles as part of the human habitat. They are known to offer security and protection from attacks from animals, they offer privacy to inhabitants and protect them from adverse weather conditions. Walls also partition rooms and tend to deter the spread of fire. They are
Green Building Designs Green building designs have taken Australia by storm in the recent years. Green building designs are largely based on the use of eco-friendly or environment friendly products that do not pose any harm to the current environment (Olubunmi et al., 2016). The environmental impact of using other raw materials derived from earth
Landscape Architecture Spaces in cities play a major role as elucidated in the unit. The usage of squares and plazas caught my attention, as well as the utilization of open spaces in the cities. As explicated, many architects and planners have previously advocated for open spaces within the cities, for vibrancy. However, it is evident
Introduction Architectural modernism refers to the building style popular after the 1940s in which artists used plain shapes and artificial materials. Modern architecture varies from the traditional design and aesthetics. Modernism in architecture is a design language that emphasizes on form instead of ornament. It also emphasizes on structure and materials instead of picturesque constructions.
Minimalism Architecture and Fashion “Fashion is not exclusively for fashion designers only, and architecture is not only for architects.” This is a phrase that demonstrates that the two disciplines are interrelated. In spite of fashion being totally different from architecture, it is apparent that the two have substantial connections. Indeed, each of these elements seems