Psychotherapy is a rehabilitation process that deals with mental disorders and emotional challenges. Mental therapy main goal is to better the functioning of an individual. Most people with mental health problem often face the challenge of physical health comorbidities (Brunner et al., 2013). Mental health problems greatly contribute to reduced life expectancy of approximately fifteen
There has been a lot of discussions going on with respect to Julian Savulescu’s argument on procreative beneficence. The author alleges that it is a moral obligation for all parents to have a best child. That is, parents have an obligation of having a child that is best to their imaginations. Therefore, prospective parents should
Introduction Immunisation is efficient and at time inefficient. When taken from the perspective of ensuring increased public health it becomes an efficient policy. Looking at it form a religious as well as a human right perspective, it is an inefficient policy. Exposition of the argument presented in the essay The analysis conducted by Pierik (2018)
Introduction As evidenced in the work of Elbow, many scientist and researchers have lined upon one ways of approaching things especially when new ideas arise. Therefore, they play a doubting game over the other methods and approaches that could be used to address the issue at hand (Harkness, 2009). It has been argued that through
The Spread of Misinformation and Social Media Contribution to the Propagation Technological advancements, especially in the field of information communication have contributed greatly to information access. Consequently, the speed at which information spreads has escalated. This has led to an increase in the number of people who consume information. Unfortunately, with. Social media is in
Abstract The promulgation of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya brightened the hearts of many Kenyans. Finally, amidst all the chaos, suffering and disappointment that Kenyan’s were experiencing, there had emerged a ray of hope for the common man. Today, the bright glimmering light of the Constitution continues to be obstructed by a thick medium of
  Case before the International Criminal Court: Prosecutor v. Captain Sota and President Somitian SUMMARY OF THE ARGUMENT The gist of the argument made by the Defence Counsel is firstly that the Court lacks jurisdiction to try certain matters before it concerning, rape, other forms of sexual violence and certain murders which are genuinely being
Alcohol advertising is subject to rules, albeit many of them are "self-regulatory" rather than legally obligatory. "Liquor advertisements did not appear on any national or local television for much of the twentieth century, with the industry honoring a self-imposed ban from 1948 to 1996." In 2012, "NBC began accepting spirits [advertisements during] shows airing after
That’s the question of the day. One of our basic human needs is a sense of control, to know that we have a choice, that our actions make a difference (Dreher, 2019). We are in control of our lives from the moment that we are born. We might not grasp it until later in life,
Rebecca West’s the return of a soldier gives a description, albeit not vivid of the impacts of war on the active participants as well as on the society at large. The book describes the lead character’s status after his engagement in war. While the war itself is only treated as an abstract phenomenon in the story, one from which most of the characters are detached, its impacts are described based on the negative outcomes that the society derives from the war. Individuals are affected differently based on the individual traits and their closeness to the victims of war. Such is the comparative case of Jenny and Kitty, who have been affected indirectly by the war, yet react differently to the situation at hand. In the story, one of the themes that come out starkly is that of trauma and its treatment.