Introduction Art is the application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting and sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and this is what most people believe to be an art. Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing
Art is often perceived as an expression of emotions that cannot be presented in words. Artists linked to different historical times based their works on their environment, the socioeconomic and political factors affecting them, and their perception of the world. Emery Blagdon is among the 19th century artists whose work continues to be exhibited in
The modern society is saturated with diverse illustrations of portraiture, which have evolved from the ancient time. Before the invention of photography, portraits, which represent power, wealth, beauty, and other values of the sitter, were painted, drawn, or sculpted. Surprisingly, portraits were reserved for the wealthy and royal people who commissioned artists to capture their
Friz Freleng’s Cultural Importance Friz Isadore Freleng was born in 1905 and became famous for having initiated modern animation. Unfortunately, Freleng passed on in the year 1995. He was also known for creating approximately 300 renowned cartoon action. For instance, a section of them incorporated the Tweety Pie and Daffy Duck.  Among his cartoon characters,
On 5th March 2019, I visited the Birmingham Museum of Arts in Birmingham, Alabama. This museum was founded in 1951, and it house several art collections. It was my first time at this historical place, having studied more about the art collections within the museum. The museum occupies an expansive area of more than 16,000
Piet Mondrian is a key figure in art history as he is one of the creators of the Dutch modern movement referred to as De Stijili. He is acknowledged for his methodical technique and pureness of his abstractions. Mondrian significantly simplified features of his paintings to symbolize what he perceived as spiritual order that is
Introduction Hip hop or rap music is a type of music genre developed during the late seventies. It consists of a formalized rhythmic music that usually goes along with rapping.  Kurtis Blow was a famous artist in the eighties not only the best rapper alive, but also the first rapper to demonstrate and affirm that
Rosler According to Rosler, a documentary photograph today is one which captures the human condition which cannot necessarily change through struggle. Such a photograph is not meant to provoke change or any noteworthy reaction from its viewers. Instead, it is meant to capture the attention of dealers and to be featured in museums where it
Art is an important form of human expression since pre-historic times when people use to paint in the walls of caves, used as areas of habitation. This is to signify the importance and evolution of art as an important part of communication which is relevant to present day societies. It should be understood that different
Visual elements of line, shape, tone, color, pattern, texture and form are the building blocks of describing art work such as drawings, paintings, and sculpture.  Aside from lines defining the edge of a form, actual lines also portray the different characteristics that the artists intended to display to the viewers. The lines may be horizontal,