Leadership is one of the critical aspects of organizational studies as it is a widely discussed and researched issue, particularly in higher education institutions (HEIs). In the article “On becoming a Leader: Catanduanes State University in Its frames,” Jose Tria highlights the growing interests in leadership roles in reference to distinct theories, models, and frameworks.
Introduction             Perspectives on Problem Solving in Educational Assessment: Analytical, Interactive, and Collaborative Problem Solving is a peer-reviewed article that was written in 2013 by Greif, Holt, and Funke. The article analyses the various approaches that have been adopted in educational problem-solving. This article describes three different problem-solving approaches that include analytical, interactive, and collaborative
Abstract This paper discusses the interlocking historic lines of feminisms and the social work career in the modern world. Merging these two histories together, the antiquity of feminism and the feminist concept has numerous likely origins. Nevertheless, the most acceptable explanation for the ancestries of feminism and feminist concept can be linked with the longing
The author of “Key Trends in Workforce Management and New Challenges for HR, Marc Moschetto, addresses the common challenges that HR teams face. These include difficulty keeping up with the pace of new laws and regulations and the automated management processes. Indeed, workforce management has numerous gaps, such as non-compliance to news laws and regulations
The article “Negative relationships in the workplace: A qualitative study”, authored by Rachel L. Morrison and Terry Nolan, explores the concept of workplace relationship with the objective of determining the causes and consequences of workplace enemies. In the paper, Morrison and Nolan start by recognizing that the description of negative relationships in the workplace is
Project management is an important aspect of most businesses in the 21st century. The first important aspect of project management is being proactive. A proactive person is one who takes the initiative to ensure that the systems are working as they should; rather than wait for the systems to fail and then find ways of
The article The Median Isn’t the Message by Gould Stephen makes an explorative reflection on misconceptions of statistical median using a medical experience. Built on a self-story, the article looks at a standard example of a stretching truth in numbers. The author argues that statistics has the ability and responsibility to exhibit differences in average
Summary In the article, “The Early Issei”, the author seeks to narrate the experiences of first generation Japanese migrant (Issei) workers and the second generation (Nisei). The author recounts the role of Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s 1853 journey to Tokyo, Japan in the 1868 Meiji Restoration. The author argues that the journey played a vital
In her article, Shifting Your Assessment to Grow Higher—Level Thinking on TeachThought, Stobaugh criticizes the current assessment system of memorization and recommends higher-level thinking strategies for students. The author explains that upon her appointment as Principal in a new school, she analyzed students’ assessments and noticed that almost all were scoring high marks. Looking at
Article topic 1: Berks computer experts urge users to close Windows 7 In this article, the author explores the efficacy of using Windows 7. The author gives various reasons why users should refrain completely from using the decade-old windows application in their personal computers. For instance, the article cites the tendency of Windows 7 to