All planets stay on a solid surface but have different annual cycles, so it is worth seeing the planets aligning. The equator of the Sun and the orbital planes of the planets are almost aligned due to their creation from a single rotating gaseous disk.  This well-aligned arrangement is not guaranteed for exoplanetary systems (Sanchis-Ojeda
The Sun’s solar system composes and the planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It comprises planetary satellites, multiple comets, meteoroids, asteroids, and the interplanetary medium. The Sun is the solar system’s most effective form of electromagnetic energy (in the form of light and heat). The solar system circles the
Infrared thermography technology is a science devoted to the acquirement and analysis of thermal informative materials from non-contact measurement equipment. The invention relies on the infrared radiation (IR) (below red), a type of electromagnetic radiation with an extensive wavelength than those of observable light (Usamentiaga, Rubén et al 12306). Notably, any item at a temperature
Currently the environment is experiencing the highest ever recorded climatic change patterns and it is estimated to get worse in the coming years. The global organization affairs of the environmental policies tried to solve the global pollution on the environment that leads to better conservation strategies but their measures could not make considerable changes (Hallegatte
NASA’s successful mission to mars raised suspicions on the composition of other planets. Galileo space craft that was dispersed to Jupiter in 1995 did not reveal enough information on the composition of the largest planet. Juno was launched in 2011 and was dispersed to Jupiter’s orbit in June 2016. The spacecraft is expected to send
Sample Astronomy Paper on Space News Space News 1 Article title: NASA’s Hubble Captures Blistering Pitch-Black Planet Link: This article is about an exoplanet, WASP-12b that has been captured by the Hubble telescope. This planet is of note because it has some properties that make it unique compared to other planets in space. The
Astronomy Book Review on Miss Henrietta Leavitt’s Stars Introduction Miss Henrietta Leavitt, an American astronomer made a discovery that was to become one of the cornerstones of modern astronomical physics. She determined the relationship between luminosity and period of fluctuation for a class of pulsing variable stars thereby coming up with the Cepheid variable which
Sample Paper on Astronomy Questions How are the terms fact, hypothesis, law and theory used in science? How do they relate or differ from each other or from how people in other disciplines may use them? Provide examples of how someone would correctly use a few of these terms in a scientific sense. A fact
Proof of Life Beyond Earth Introduction For years, scientists have been pondering about the existence of life beyond planet earth. Aliens have always been portrayed in Hollywood science fiction movies as part of a scientific representation of life in other planets in the galaxies. Nevertheless, when it comes to proving such perceptions wrong or right
Sample Astronomy Paper on The Phenomena of Light Discuss why Animal Eyes Glow Green when Illuminated at Night. Animals whose eyes glow green when subjected to an illumination of light are considered to be nocturnal animals. Usually, when light enters their eyes, it hits photoreceptors present on the retina. These photoreceptors transmit the received information