Over the years, scientists have conducted extensive research on the causative agents of cancer. One such research set out to find the causative agents of breast cancer. From research, estrogen compounds have been associated with breast cancer. The two key determinants have been found to be 2- hydroxy estrone and 16α-hydroxyestrone. It was found that
The ecosystems have different organisms that depend on each other for survival. Carnivores are such organisms, and they are living organisms that obtain their nutrients and energy from hunting other living organisms. These animals hunt via scavenging and predation. Various insects and plants exhibit carnivorous traits that enable them to gain nutrients. According to Christa
The highbush blueberry is an angiosperm native to Texas. It grows to a small-medium shrub and is common in open woods, sandy lake, swamps and stream margins in Eastern and South Eastern Texas. The common names of the plant are highbush blueberry, swamp blueberry, Arkansas blueberry, and Northern High-bush blueberry. The scientific name of the
GMOs Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are animals, plants, microorganisms or other organisms whose genetic makeup have undergone modification using a recombinant DNA method for gene splicing, modification or the transgenic technologies. This is a relatively new technology which has led to the creation of unstable combinations of animals, plants, viral and bacterial genes that never
  Laboratory Report Abstract The difference in the structures of different plant tissues of plants that may be in the same family and genus made it necessary to carry out an experiment to determine the differences that exist between the stem tissues of broccoli and cauliflower. The point of interest was the differences in peroxidase
Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage Introduction There is a relationship between BMIand BFPamong women who are pregnant as it is evident from the research. Maternaldata related to infants and gestational outcomes in women who are pregnant was analyzed. The body mass index was used to classify the women who were the main respondents of
Syphilis, Treponema Pallidum Characteristics of the Bacterium Treponema Pallidum is a pathogen and a nonpathogenic bacterium that causes one of the most infections diseases around the world. The bacterium belongs to the spirochoeticea family, which gives it the capacity to infect man.T. Pallidum is the bacterium that causes syphilis, a condition that is rather common
DIABETES DEFINITION/ETIOLOGY Medical practitioners commonly refer to the disease as diabetes mellitus. It is a group of metabolic diseases where a person experiences conditions of high blood sugar above the normal. This is because of insufficient insulin production or in circumstances where the body’s cells do not respond positively to insulin. The insulin is produced
Prokaryote Survival in Changing Environment Abstract Prokaryotes are commonly known as bacteria or micro-organisms; they are many in number and are found almost everywhere, both on living and non-living organisms. They reproduce through an asexual process called binary fission and can replicate to millions of bacteria within a few hours and this component aids in
Rhizobium – legume relationship Introduction             Nitrogen forms eighty percent of the air in the atmosphere, which is necessary because all existing plants use nitrogen to survive. However, in some plants, conversion of nitrogen to a form that the plant can consume takes place. The conversion happens with the help of a unique species of